Adoption Application

Are you interested in adopting a dog from Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue? Please fill out our adoption application here  (the link will pull you to another website to complete the application). This application can be filled out on computers, tablets, and/or phones.
Thank you for considering adoption!
Important information to keep in mind before filling out our application:
  • Filling out this application does not guarantee that the dog you choose will be available.
  • Completion of this application does not guarantee adoption of a Mikey’s Chance Canine Rescue animal.
  • We carefully review each application and place dogs based on a variety of criteria. Ultimately, we will always act in the best interest of the dog.
  • We will conduct a background check on each adult living in the home.
  • We will contact your vet.
  • Mikey’s Chance also conducts home-checks to assure the best possible placement of all our rescue animals.

PLEASE NOTE: It is our policy to only adopt to homes where the current pets:

  1. Are up to date on vaccinations;
  2. Have been either spayed or neutered; and
  3. Have received routine veterinary care.
  4. Fully fenced yard required for our large and/or highly active dogs.

Applications that do not meet this policy shall be denied.