Adoption Procedures

Our adoption process is detailed and comprehensive, because we want to ensure that the dog we entrust to you is a good fit for your lifestyle, home environment, needs and expectations. Our goal is not simply to place dogs in homes, but to create lasting, rewarding, happy relationships between our dogs and their humans. We will process your application as quickly as we can, but we ask you to be patient if it takes longer than you’d like. You are welcome to contact us at any time to ask about our progress.

Step 1. Please contact us at to request an adoption application form. This will be sent to you in email format. Please hit reply and complete the application online. We do not accept applications in person or through mail, and we would prefer not to receive applications in PDF format. If you cannot complete it online for some reason, save it as a Word file, complete it, and return it to us as an attachment. Please do not forget to send all requested contact and reference information, and photographs of your home as described in the application form.

Step 2. You should receive a personalized response acknowledging receipt of your application and providing contact information within three days. If you do not receive an acknowledgment, that may mean that we have not received your application. Please don’t hesitate to check in with us, or resend the application.

Step 3. Please advise your references, including your vet and, if applicable, your landlord, to expect our call. We cannot finish processing your application until we have spoken to your references. Difficulty reaching references is the main cause of delay in processing applications.

Step 4. Our application process also involves telephonic interviews with all decision-making adults living in the home, including spouse or partner, room mates, parents, etc.

Step 5. At some stage toward the end of the process we will usually set up a home visit. The purpose of this is partly to verify the information you have provided, but mainly to provide a second set of eyes to check your home for potential hazards that may pose a risk to the dog. This may also be the time when we introduce your dog to your home and your other pets. We are not the style police, we do not wish to violate your privacy, and our goal during these visits is to help you ensure that your adoption will be safe and successful.

Step 6. You will sign an adoption contract that defines the terms of the adoption, and you will pay the agreed adoption fee. Some of the terms may vary, but in every case you will be required to take the dog for a vet check within about two weeks of the adoption, to provide preventative and curative vet care as recommended by your vet, and to keep the dog’s microchip records up to date. You will also agree to contact us immediately if you can no longer keep the dog. You may not sell or give the dog to any other person or organization without our express consent.

Step 7. Our involvement does not end with the adoption. We remain available to help you through the transition period, however long that takes, and we encourage adopters to call if they experience any problems. Once the dog has gone home to you, we are fully invested in making sure the adoption is a success!