Meet Copper

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Copper is a Coon Hound/Blood Hound who was born September 20, 2014.

You can request an adoption application by emailing and writing “Application Please” in the subject box.

Copper is extremely intelligent and energetic. He knows “sit,” “stay,” “shake,” and “lay down.” Copper will listen to commands with a firm voice, but he obviously prefers to have treats to motivate him.

Copper is potty trained. He hasn’t dug in the yard or chewed anything in the house. That is mostly thanks to chew bones keeping him occupied.
He is good with other dogs, although he is still very young and energetic, so he may want to play too much. He is currently being fostered with the Great Pyr puppies and he can play much longer than they can.
He doesn’t know how to fetch yet, but he loves to chase the toys!
He is obsessed with walks, so you must be somewhat careful when you open the door because he might decide to try to take himself for a walk (which is clearly not safe).

Copper does not seem to be prey-driven, but if the cats run, he thinks it’s a game and he doesn’t realize he is gigantic compared to them. He would do best in a home without cats.
He has not yet been exposed to children.

When Copper came to us, he had an extreme fear of men. We believed he had major negative experiences with a man in the past.
We’ve worked through this slowly with proper introductions and positive interactions. After learning one a male volunteer was trustworthy, Copper now adores him.

Like all Mikey’s Chance dogs, this dog will come to you from a foster home that has provided loving one-on-one attention, socialization and some basic training, as well as quality food and exercise.

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To apply to adopt or foster, email We look forward to hearing from you!

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