Mikey’s Megaesophagus Mutts

Mikey’s Megaesophagus Mutts

Mikey’s Chance has two wonderful dogs who have the condition Megaesophagus, also called MegaE. Dogs with this condition can live long and productive lives, they are just required to eat a pureed food in a sitting position, using a Bailey Chair or High Chair. They need to remain upright for about 20-30 minutes after each meal to ensure their food has moved into the stomach and help prevent them from vomiting.


What is MegaE?

“A normal esophagus moves food to the stomach with wave-like contractions called peristalsis. An ME dog’s esophagus loses its muscle tone, becomes enlarged, and can develop pockets where food can become trapped.Since the esophagus does not function normally, food sits in the esophagus and doesn’t make its way to the stomach. This can cause malnutrition and regurgitation of vast amounts of undigested materials.” (for source click here)


Our MegaE pups:



Checkers is a Border Collie/Lab mix born May 2014.  Currently his condition requires that he be feed 4 small meals a day sitting in a highchair or an upright position. He is still a lively dog that loves to play with his siblings and other dogs. He loves other dogs and is great with kids.



Shadow is a female German Shepard Dog born November 13, 2017.  Currently his condition requires that he be feed two-three meals a day sitting in a highchair or an upright position.She’s friendly with other dogs great with kids and being trained /raised by Mary with Service Peace Warriors. Shadow is a beautiful girl who is very shy but bonds strongly and quickly with ‘her people’.


To find out more about MegaE please check out this website!

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