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German Shepherd Dog - Young - Male
Adoptable Large Spayed/NeuteredUp-to-date with routine shotshousetrainedSpecial Needs

Born June 4, 2018, Sargento is a male German Shepherd who is a real charmer! Megaesophagus is a medical condition effecting the esophagus, which is the muscular tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. Because of his megaesophagus, Sargento eats all of his meals (which consist of solely canned food, three times daily) in a custom built Bailey chair and then remain upright in his chair for 20-30 minutes after each meal. Dogs with Megaesophagus are prone to Aspiration Pneumonia so it is really important that Sargento sticks to his routine and doesn’t have access to dog food, human food, or other treats. Families who have adopted dogs with Megaesophagus report that the feeding process it is pretty easy and routine after you get the hang of it! Here is how his foster mom describes him: “Sargento is a calm, quiet, gorgeous hunk! He is amazing with all the other dogs he is being fostered with. He lays on the ground to let puppies climb all over him being very careful not to hurt any of them if he moves. He is patient with all the females who just think he is the bee’s knees! They hover around him like the rock star he is. He is a very smart boy. It only took him a few days to figure out the water bottles he has to drink from. He’s still adjusting to eating in his Bailey chair and needing to remain upright for a while afterwards but is getting better everyday. He is housebroken, walks amazing on a leash and is respectful of others. I crate him when I leave only because I leave a water bowl down for my other dogs which he isn’t allowed to drink from. He is always free roaming throughout my house otherwise and has had zero accidents. He sleeps in our bedroom on his dog bed at night. He is non reactive to chickens and other farm life. This guy is just an amazing dog.” Sargento will go to his new home micro-chipped, current on all vaccines and neutered. Applications can be accessed at

All large and/or active dogs will require a full fenced (6ft) secure yard.
No children under 5.

Like all Mikey’s Chance dogs, this dog will come to you from a foster home that has provided loving one-on-one attention, socialization and some basic training, as well as quality food and exercise.

Applications can be found at and completed on a computer, tablet, and/or phone. Please note that adopters are not chosen on a first come, first served basis, but full consideration is given to the best fit for the dog AND the adopter. Applications can take up to 3 weeks to process. Application submission DO NOT guarantee approval for adoption.