About Us

About Mikey’s Chance

Mikey’s Chance is named for a dog called Mikey – a big, friendly black Labrador whose people abandoned him. He spent several months in a cramped kennel in an overcrowded shelter, slowly losing hope. At last a rescue worker heard of his plight and found him a foster home – but she was too late. On the very day she arrived to fetch him, Mikey had growled at three volunteer shelter workers, likely as a result of kennel stress, and was deemed potentially aggressive.  He was euthanized that day.

Mikey’s chance at a new life came too late. Our goal is to reach other dogs in time.

Our mission is…

… to provide safe haven for dogs in desperate circumstances within our community, and to rehome those dogs with families that are a good fit for the dog.  We seek to serve the humans that come to us – both our adoptive families and the people who need help rehoming dogs – but our priority is to act as advocates for our dogs at every stage of the rescue and adoption process, and if needed for the rest of their lives.