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Who We Are


Andrea Moreno

Director - Operations

Andrea is the primary contact person for all Mikey’s Chance business, from dog intakes to adoption and beyond. She has been taking home stray dogs most of her life, and is particularly partial to puppies of both the canine and human variety.


Stephanie Stadelman

Director - Bookkeeper

Stephanie serves as a director on the Board. She started fostering for Mikey’s Chance in 2015 when she found out about the need for puppy fosters from a friend. She joined the board in 2016. She has loved dogs her entire life and has always had a soft spot for Chihuahuas, seniors, and dogs with special needs.


Our Founders

Mikey’s Chance was founded around October 2008 by Jim and Valerie Landon and Cheryl Canaday. It was formally incorporated on January 4, 2009, with the founders as directors for its first five years in operation. They established Mikey’s Chance because they saw a need for a rescue that gave priority to ensuring the best possible match between dogs in need and their forever families.

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