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It is our policy to only adopt to homes where the current pets:

Are up to date on vaccinations;

Have been either spayed or neutered; and

Have received routine veterinary care.


Fully fenced and secure yards are required for our large and/or highly active dogs.
(Note: we do not approve invisible fencing)


We do not adopt out to homes with children under 5-years-old.


Applications that do not meet these policies shall be denied.

Ara (on medical hold)
Born July 6, 2019, Ara is a female German Shepherd mix. Ara is a super sweet, beautiful girl. She loves to observe everything going on around her. She has her energetic moments but overall she's a cuddle bug. She has this sweet, melting brown eyes. She is cautious when company comes, she likes to go into her kennel and watch them for a bit before she comes out to greet them, she likes to assess her surroundings.
Born approximately June 2018, Avery is a female purebred Rottweiler. Avery would do best in a home with breed experience and although she does fine with the small dog she currently lives with, her ideal home would be one where she's the only dog. Avery is still young and learning the ropes to be the best dog she can be. She is cautious with new people and dogs and will bark at them. Avery will do well with an active family committed to training her as she matures into an amazing dog.
Born March 5, 2020, Bristol is a female Lab mix. Bristol is a very calm, gentle puppy. She is very shy and timid around people. She gets along great with other dogs and doesn't bother the cats.
Meet Chablis! Che is a Chihuahua born around 2018 and weighs about 5 lbs. Although dainty, this little girl is strong, independent, and opinionated. Since surviving some horrible medical issues when she first came to us, she has become queen of the castle at her foster home. Chablis prefers to be carried instead of walking on a leash, she is crate trained but is much more comfortable on the couch all day. Chablis currently lives with other dogs of all sizes and cats.
Born in approximately May 2014, Checkers is a Border Collie mix with Megaesophagus. He must eat a special diet and eat while sitting in a special chair.
Born approximately October 2018, Chuck is a male Stafford Terrier mix who is kind of a mini terrier as he's full grown at just over 30lbs. Chuck is the sweetest dog you will ever meet! He is so friendly, and wiggles a mile a minute when he sees people. Chuck does just fine with other dogs and cats.
Meet Cupcake! Born in approximately January 2008 Cupcake is a female German Shepherd seeking a home to spend her golden years! She is very friendly and gets along with most everyone. due to lack of food before we got her, she tends to be protective of her food and should be fed away from other dogs and small children.
Born March 5, 2020, Dallas is a female Lab mix. Dallas is definitely a little princess. She is calm and loves to cuddle. She is shy when meeting new people. She does great with other dogs and doesn't bother the cats.
Born March 4, 2019 Elphie is a female German Shepherd mix seeking a forever home. She is unsure around new people and dogs at first but once she warms up she is fine. She prefers to stay at home.
Esme (pending)
Born April 25, 2019, Esme is a female German Shepherd who was found wandering the streets until she was brought into our program. This princess is still learning what love is and how to live the good life. She is not good around cats, but she LOVES other dogs.
Born April 6, 2018, Kimchi is a female German Shephard Dog. She is very smart and learns quickly. She currently knows sit, shake, and does well on a leash. Kimchi is both potty and crate trained. Kimchi is currently living with dogs of all sizes and personalities and does great with all of them. Kimchi prefers to be with her people at all times and would do best in a home where she won't spend too much time alone.
Born in around January 2006, King is a male Beagle mix seeking a forever home. He is a very sweet, low energy, slow moving boy who loves his people. He especially loves men. He loves to sleep, enjoys car rides, and likes looking at the scenery. He does great with other dogs. He is fully potty trained and house trained. He doesn't like being crated or being left alone without his people for long periods of time. King would do best in a home where his people are home a lot and he would be happier
Kitana (pending)
Born September 2019, Kitana is a female German Shepherd/Husky mix. Kitana is described as a huge cuddler and a ball of energy. She loves playing with balls! She came to us with a leg injury that has now healed, she will likely walk with a slight limp. She likes people and bonds deeply with her person. Kitana is kennel trained and almost completely potty trained. She can be possessive of her toys and treats but she is still a young dog and is very smart.
Born July 17, 2019, Lambeau is a male German Shepherd. Lambeau LOVES dogs more than anything in his world, and really likes cats. He is very shy and prefers to stay away from people, unless of course they have a yummy snack. He is not yet house broken but will use a machine washable potty pad. He is crate trained . He is very sweet and a VERY good boy, just needs a caring, patient owner who will work with him as he learns to trust humans.
Born September 11, 2019, Lando is a male German Shepherd. He has Megaesophagus which requires him to eat upright but is a fairly easy to manage. He's great with other dogs and kids. He does have a bit of separation anxiety so he'd do best in a home where people are not gone all day.
Born January 15, 2015, Logan is a male Blue Heeler. He gets along great with other dogs but would do best in a cat free home. He is very loyal. He thrives on routine but will test boundaries regularly, so it is important to be consistent with rules. Logan loves to walk and hang out in the yard with his people. He's leash and crate trained. Logan would thrive in a an active home with breed experience, no children under 8 years old and a secure 6 foot fence.
Born in September 2019, Luna is a female Beagle/Coonhound mix. She is a pretty girl, full of life and spirit. She is potty and crate trained and uses a dog door. She loves to give her people wet sloppy kisses. She is still a puppy so has some things to learn still but is very smart and picks things up easily. She does well with most dogs, but does love to play and sometimes ignores signals to give them space although she is learning. No small children.
Luna Lee
Born 2-28-2019, Luna Lee is a female Husky. Luna Lee came to use with an badly injured leg that ended up needing amputated. She has healed nicely and is a happy, healthy pup that just needs a family to call her own. Luna Lee would do best in a home with an active person/family and a secure 6 foot fence with adults or adults and children over 5.
Born November 23, 2018, Mirage is a female Catahoula mix. She a beautiful young energetic good girl. She is a fast learner. Mirage loves toys, playing, walks, treats and her basketball! She gets along well with other dogs but would do best in a house without cats or small animals. Mirage is crate trained and potty trained.
Mr. Jenkins
Mr. Jenkins was born around 2012 and weighs about 9lbs. Mr. Jenkins is very sweet and quick to make friends. He currently lives with other dogs of all sizes and cats, and would likely do well living with respectful children. He is kennel trained, walks well on a leash, and loves cuddles. Mr. Jenkins was running loose for quite some time before he was rescued so, it is very important to us that Mr. Jenkins’s forever home have a securely fenced yard.
Born September 15, 2007, Ollie is a male Yorkshire Terrier seeking a home to spend his golden years. Ollie is potty trained with a doggie door. He does not like the crate and prefers to sleep with his humans. He likes to watch out the windows. He loves to be loved on, loves belly rubs and back scratches. He likes his bath and does the most adorable "zoomies" after he's fresh and clean. Ollie is overall a very easy companion.
Born approximately January 25, 2020, Peppa is a female Boxer mix. Peppa is a sweet and loving dog, she adores children and other dogs. She does fine with cats but is a puppy still so is still learning proper ways to be with cats. She is working on potty training and crate training.
Penny Lane
Penny Lane was born around April 2016 and is a female Shepherd mix. She is pure sweetness!. She loves all people she meets. She needs to be in a house with no cats and would prefer to be an only dog, as she is possessive of her food, toys, and crate. Penny is a snuggle bug and loves to play but is a laid-back girl. Penny has gotten another lease on life having been pulled from a New Mexico shelter where she was scheduled to be euthanized - let's get her the loving home she deserves ♥
Poppet is a female Chihuahua born August 28, 2019. She loves taking long naps on the couch and enjoy playing with all animals and kids. She will always find a blanket she can borrow in. After a leg break that healed a little weird but it doesn't hurt her or slow her down. She is a lover, snuggler, fun, feisty, protective and loyal friend.
Ranger Blue
Born March 23, 2019, Ranger Blue is a male German Shepherd / Blue Heeler mix seeking a forever home.
Reeves was born around October 2016. He was hit by a car in April 2017 and is now paralyzed on his bottom half. Reeves is incontinent and does require a catheter twice a day to empty his bladder. He can poop on his own but he has no control over when or where it will happen. Reeves has a specially fitted wheelchair for outside and inside can use his scoot bag. He LOVES other dogs and children, and LOVES to chase cats but they can easily get away from him.
Born April 27, 2018, Remy is a male German Shepherd Dog. Remy was not properly socialized by his previous owner and so has been receiving training at Mattox Dog Training Academy. Remy can take a while to warm up to new people and tends to prefer females. He needs proper introduction to new dogs. Remy will not be placed into a home with small dogs, cats, or kids under 12. His adopter will need to be experienced, committed to his training, and meet with his current trainer before being approved.
Born March 5, 2020, River is a male Lab mix. River is a delight with an old soul personality. He loves playing with his dog friends. River sleeps through the night in his crate and is doggy door training. River is not fully potty trained but he gets the idea and is smart!! River loves to play tug of war, chew on squeaky toys, and to snuggle on the couch with his people and getting belly rubs. This is a sweet, loving puppy.
Born March 21, 2020 Rodeo is a male Anatolian Shepherd mix. He's all puppy sweetness and cuteness - looking forward to finding a family who can teach him to be the best dog he can be. Rodeo's forever home will require a secure 6 foot fence with adults or adults and children over 5 years old.
Born in January 2020, Roper is a male German Shepherd who is a handsome charmer! He loves to play ball, knows basic commands, walks well on a leash and is great with kids! He does well with other dogs giving proper introductions however needs to be in a cat free home. Roper's ideal home will have a secure 6 foot fence, breed experience, and adults or adults and children over 5.
Born September 3, 2019, Rory is a female Yorkipoo. She is leash trained and potty trained with the dog door. She will bark at new sights and sounds but responds quickly to correction. Rory is great with kids and loves to sleep on the bed with her person at night. Car rides are one of Rory's favorite things!
Ruby Ann
Born in 2010, Ruby Ann is a female Terrier mix. Ruby Ann is potty trained, gets along great with other dogs. She is the one of the gentlest dogs we have met. She loves short walks. She has arthritis and walks with a limp. She is unsure about men at first.
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