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Surrendering a Dog to Mikey's Chance

Do You Need Help Finding a Home for a Dog in the Tri-Cities and Surrounding Regions?

We will help you if we can. We will need you to give us as much information as possible. So we can make sure that if we can take your dog that they go to an appropriate foster home for their needs and personality. We do not have a shelter location so all of our dogs are in private foster homes.


Please be aware our space is VERY limited. 

Clicking the button below will bring you to the Owner Surrender Request Form.


Filling out this form does NOT guarantee we will be able to take you dog, we will contact you only if we are able to help.

If we have space for your dog please note that you will be required to sign an owner release form giving Mikey's Chance Canine Rescue the legal ownership of the dog. Once you have signed the release statement, you may not reclaim your pet, so please be sure that you have made the right decision for you and your pet. Mikey's Chance does not give out information about animals after they are surrendered to us.

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