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A Free way to Donate? That's Right!

Sadly, as some of you may have heard, Amazon’s donation program AmazonSmile will no longer be operating as of February 20th, 2023. This was an easy way for people to help organizations just by shopping at Amazon through AmazonSmile instead of the website (still the same goods for the same prices). It was something people could set up their favorite nonprofit and forget about, but us little guys, we didn’t forget. Every bit we got through that program was helpful and needed.

The need for donations never stops coming. Every time we take on a medical emergency dog, or litter of puppies suffering from parvovirus, every time we can’t turn those poor souls away, the needs pile up. Our community has been great at helping out when they can and showing up to fundraisers, but what if there was a way they could help at no cost to them?

Enter WoofTrax.

WoofTrax is a free app you can download on your phone (available in Google Play and the iPhone App Store).

How does it work?

“Using the WoofTrax app is easy. After setting it up on your smartphone, press the Start Walking button to log your walk. The more you walk your dog, the more you earn for your favorite animal charity…

…Donations come from sponsorships and advertising. The more people using the app when walking their dog, the more support we can send to their animal charity.” – Wooftrax

Sound simple? It is! Turn it on when you take your animal for a walk and earn donations for your favorite charity *cough* Mikey’s Chance *cough* (we hope).

So go, download that app, get out there, and get walking. A great and healthy way to promote good health and help those in need.

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