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Final Refuge Dogs

This post is for the very special dogs in our program who will remain with Mikey's Chance for the remainder of their lives. These dogs usually have fatal medical diagnoses or have reached such an old age it would be too hard on them to move to a new home. We have a few, very special, fosters who are willing to take these dogs into their care, knowing this is their last stop. They do an amazing job of showering them with love and spoiling them rotten in their limited time with us.

Not many of our Final Refuge dogs came from good situations, many pulled from kill shelters, abandoned, or worse. Others come from wonderful homes where their owners have passed away and they have no where left to go. No matter the reason, we try to find space for them, because a shelter is no place for an old lady or gentleman to live out their last of their time.

These beautiful souls will remain with us until it is their time to cross the Rainbow Bridge.




To those who are no longer with us:

Not all dogs may be posted as we may not have all the dogs Mikey's Chance has ever lost throughout the years.

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