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Mikey's Megaesophagus Menagerie

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Mikey’s Chance has eight (be on the lookout for two new puppies to be listed soon) wonderful dogs who have the condition Megaesophagus (ME), also called MegaE. Dogs with this condition can live long and productive lives, they are just required to eat a pureed food in a sitting position, using a Bailey Chair or High Chair. They need to remain upright for about 20-30 minutes after each meal to ensure their food has moved into the stomach and help prevent them from vomiting. Dogs with ME have a higher risk of aspirating as they hydrate which makes them a higher risk of Aspiration Pneumonia and cannot have free access to food, treats, or water. They need to be in a home with no kids or with older kids who understand the importance of not slipping treats to them.

What is MegaE?

“A normal esophagus moves food to the stomach with wave-like contractions called peristalsis. An ME dog’s esophagus loses its muscle tone, becomes enlarged, and can develop pockets where food can become trapped.Since the esophagus does not function normally, food sits in the esophagus and doesn’t make its way to the stomach. This can cause malnutrition and regurgitation of vast amounts of undigested materials.” Source



Starting on Top from Left to Right: Checkers, Kiona, Lando, Lily, King Riordan, Sargento (Final Refuge), Shadow, and Zurie.

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